The cornerstone of a successful organic search campaign has always been technical SEO. The nature of having competitors mean that they will always be looking to beat you, gain ground if they are falling behind, or pull further ahead where possible. To do this, you have to accept that there is always opportunities, whether you are thinking outside of the box, improving content that has been created by a competitor or your own resource. Use description meta tags to provide both search engines and users with a summary of what your page is about! Every piece of content should have the user in mind. This also applies to SEO. You can’t create your next piece of content, or carry out keyword research, without knowing your audience.

Can a techie truly understand dynamic pages

Earning links is not about following a static link building strategy for a long time. In the landscape of Google’s ever changing algorithms, sticking with just one or two tactics for link building is not going to help you in any way. There is definitely no hard and fast rule or way to get you tons of high valued and qualified links. Google won’t penalise duplicate content. Do your mathematical analysis - the primary resources are there for the taking. Its as easy as KS2 Maths or ABC. Its that simple! Instead it will decide which version of the duplicate post should appear in search results and ignore the other. Reviewing Your Website’s Category Pages & Subcategory Pages There should be rhyme and reason to each page that is created on a website. We can see much of what the search engines have learned just by looking at what content search engines rank highly for a particular query.

Tactics around meta tags

The more popular and important a site is, the more links from that site matter. A site like Wikipedia has thousands of diverse sites linking to it, which means it's probably a popular and important site. You already know that a considerable amount of Internet traffic these days comes from mobile operating systems. Creating content that serves a need is the best way to improve web ranking. Increase visibility to new content you create by sharing it on social networks and building links to your content (both internally and from external sites).

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Exact match Domains (EMD) Repeatedly building over-optimized, spammy backlinks overtime will lead to a penalty. Search engine traffic is the only time people are actively searching for exactly what it is you sell. According to SEO Consultant, Gaz Hall: "Using hot keywords and search phrases is crucial to catching people using search engines, but crafted content shouldn’t look mechanical or read like a lecture."

Answer the questions of your potential customers with regards to domain authority

Unlike channels like PPC which can easily be switched on and off SEO isn't so instant. And to do that, one must ensure the website ranks higher in the SERP (search engine result page). Optimisation measures can be applied to your own site with dedicated plug-ins which you can download and install for free within WordPress. Ensure that your site loads quickly, not just where you're located, but from around the world.